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My Cafepress Shops

Why should buy through the artist shops on Cafepress instead of the main marketplace? Two reasons.

  • 1. Sometimes the marketplace is actually higher.

  • 2. The artist actually gets less royalty.

What is the difference?
When you go straight to Cafepress, you see all the designs and that's the marketplace. Odds are the fine print on any coupons you get sent specify 'marketplace only'. What they don't tell you is they hike the marketplace price to compensate. Whereas if you go to the shop it has the price set by the designer. If you find a design you like by marketplace, try looking up the artist. By adding '/artistname' after the, you may get straight to the shop. You may get a cheaper price and the artist gets higher royalty.

Horses on Cafepress

Starhorsepax Designs originally started on Cafepress. However, due to the changes to the service that are not good for artists, these shops are no longer updated or maintained. However, the products are still available. Click on a link in the 'frame' should still work, however Cafepress does not make it easy for artists to integrate with their own site. Odds are you won't find my stuff easily going through the marketplace and if you do, not only is it possible you will pay more for it, but I (the artist) also get less.

  • The first Shop, Starhorse Creations, is the catch all. That's where I began.
  • American Horses focuses on breeds born in the USA, including Morgans, Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Paints, Appaloosas, Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, etc.
  • Horses Far and Wide basically covers any 'light' horse breed around the world.
  • Pony and Draft is just what it sounds like, ponies, small horses and heavy set, draft and farm horse types.
  • Appaloosa is the only shop done purely for one breed type. I find appaloosa's fun to draw and color. Their splashy markings make them stand out in a crowd. For those who don't know, appaloosa's are a breed of horse featuring spots either over all or part of it's body.

These shops are dedicated to one overall design theme.

  • With 'Stay Wild Horse' it's a bucking wild mustang.
  • With 'Paint Horse' it's mostly 'Keep the Cowboy, Just give me his horse." It features a paint horse performing a sliding stop.
  • With 'Andalusian' it's "Keep Prince Charming, just give me his horse." This features an andalusian stallion cantering. (Horse available without text in Far and Wide, as well as on Zazzle.
  • With 'Mustang VS Cougar' it's a blood bay mustang in combat with a cougar, mixed media design.
  • With 'ROAR for ROAM'features that same mustang, alternating with another buckskin stallion. ROAM refers to the Restore America's Mustang's act, which is movement to get congress to stop cutting into the lands originally given to them by the Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Protection Act, signed in the 70's and recently gutted to allow mismanagement by the Bureau of Land Management.

The teddy bear designs were encouraged by the realization that I had relatives who liked my art, but were not so much into horses. While teddy bear's are common, they are actually fun to draw. And when is the last time you saw someone who disliked a teddy bear?

  • SHP Teddy Bear is the main shop and features many designs. They may be tough realistic looking bears or soft and cute looking types. They are available on a variety of t-shirts, home decor and other products. And yes, you can even get a bear on a 'real' teddy bear.
  • Cool Bear - is a specific style featuring a white teddy wearing a black jacket and jeans. His slogan is 'You don't have to be bad to be cool' and was actually inspired by Fonzi from Happy Days. You can even get it on a pet shirt.
  • Brown Angel Bear - This cuddly teddy has a sheep on one side an a wolf on the other. His slogan is "Save Wild Horses, Save Wolves, Whales and Polar Bears, oh Just Save Everything".
  • Gray Angel Bear - is the same cuddly teddy in gray. His slogan is hurry back Prince of Peace, with a reference to a Bible verse from the book of Isaiah.