The teddy bear designs were encouraged by the realization that I had relatives who liked my art, but were not so much into horses. While teddy bear's are common, they are actually fun to draw. And when is the last time you saw someone who disliked a teddy bear?

  • SHP Teddy Bear is the main shop and features many designs. They may be tough realistic looking bears or soft and cute looking types. They are available on a variety of t-shirts, home decor and other products. And yes, you can even get a bear on a 'real' teddy bear.
  • Cool Bear - is a specific style featuring a white teddy wearing a black jacket and jeans. His slogan is 'You don't have to be bad to be cool' and was actually inspired by Fonzi from Happy Days. You can even get it on a pet shirt.
  • Brown Angel Bear - This cuddly teddy has a sheep on one side an a wolf on the other. His slogan is "Save Wild Horses, Save Wolves, Whales and Polar Bears, oh Just Save Everything".
  • Gray Angel Bear - is the same cuddly teddy in gray. His slogan is hurry back Prince of Peace, with a reference to a Bible verse from the book of Isaiah.