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Horses on Cafepress

Keep Prince Charming, Just Give Me His Horse-Andalusian

For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of horses. While most girls around me seemed to outgrow it, and start chasing boys, I only had eyes for their horses. The same is true today. I've never met a horse that lied, cheated, or talked too much. No, a horse is a friend when you need one, a relaxing ride, and a sheer educational experience all in one. This handsome andalusian is a royal, magnificent animal. A royal prince of fairy tales might have ridden this one. But now, today, I'd still rather have the horse.

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This royal horse is on all sorts of apparel, mugs, bottles, ipad cases and bags. Daddy's little girl will be relieved to find his daughter prefers the horse (until he realizes the cost.) Tank tops, fitted t-shirts are great gear for any horse lover.