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Ponies and Drafts

They are the first thing a child wants, the hardest one to train (because how many experienced riders fit?) A pony isn't just a 'small horse'. The proportions are different. They tend to be sturdy, and tough little creatures. In years gone, a pony might be anything from a child's mount, to a worker hauling carts in a mine, to hauling on the streets. These days there is not much call for 'pit ponies'. But show ponies and children's mounts are still needed to teach future generations of equestrians, as well as provide therapy. Sometimes, a pony can be a 'seeing eye' horse just like a 'seeing eye' dog, in order to help the blind navigate.

Draft Horses range from large pony size to outright giants. These magnificent animals once worked hard on farms. Before that, they were the mounts of knights of ancient times. Heavy, weight carrying steeds were needed to compensate for the weight the armor of the knight. And even the horse was armored! Now they are, in places, and in some breeds, much diminished. For a big horse needs lots of feed and not many have it to spare. But they are still used in some places. The famous Budweiser Clydesdales are draft horses, and in spite of the impression that they are harness and farm animals, some are still ridden, even in the show ring!

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