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Horses on Cafepress


ROAR for ROAM is a movement to convince the US government to give the Wild Horses and Burros back the lands and full protection of the 1970 Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act. In recent years, the law has been gutted, removing protection against round ups by air. Various proofs reveal that this is a cruel inhumane method which leads to many injuries. In spite of not only a lack of evidence blaming the horse, but also contrary to it, the Bureau of Land Management claims they are responsible for land degradation. In reality, there are millions of cattle and only a few hundered horses. In addition, there are other interests including mining and alternative fuels competing for the land.

Restoring this act would not only protect the horses and burros, but save tax payer money. Currently the horses are rounded up and warehoused in pens at tax payer expense, while the cattle and mining interests benefit. The proposed alternatives include reducing the number of cattle (which is one idea they are guaranteed to ignore), contraceptives (applied properly and for the short term, not permanently.)

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You can show your allegiance to the wild horse on apparel for men, women, children, infants. Put it on a bumper sticker or a button and let the world know of the plight of the wild horses.