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Horses on Cafepress: My first Shop

Starhorse Creations

This is my first shop. These horses are based on my dreams. Dreams all horse loving children share. Perhaps, all children share that have any imagination or doorway to fantasy will recognize them. The thunder of hooves carry them to adventure. The toss of a windswept mane to hold on to. That gentle eye, noble arch of the neck, high stepping hooves and eager muzzle reaching for the only human - you, which this horse will respond too.

This may load slowly and you have to scroll inside once the images appear. If you have trouble or don't want to wait, this shop is at this cafepress address: http://www.cafepress.com/starhorsecreate Don't forget to bookmark me before you go!

Your whole family can get into horse loving fun. There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more for men, woman, children and even infants get into the party. Your horse loving kids can have thermos and water bottles with horses, bags and messenger bags carry the horse (as opposed to the horse carry them) and home decor and holiday horses for christmas stockings. Stackable mugs are available too. Pet bowls and pet shirts let your other four legged friends is get into the fun.