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Appaloosa is both a breed and a color. The color consists of a spotted coat, either leopard spotted (all over) meaning dark spots on a white background, or blanket, (over the hindquarters) it may be just a small spot on the hind quarters or even stretch from withers (top of shoulders) on back.

As a breed, the appaloosa was created by the Nez Perce, along the Palouse river valley of Iowa. The horses were an important part of the native plains people's heritage and the horses suffered with the tribe when they were put on reservations. The soldiers knew harm to the horses would break the people's spirit. The horses originally possessed short, skimpy manes and tails, striped hooves and mottling around the eyes and muzzle, plus a spotted sclera around the eye. As a color, there are other breeds that have it, for instance, the knabstrupper.

  • Modern Appaloosas have been interbred some with Quarter horses and Throughbreds to improve the mane, tail and athletism.
  • A new breed, the Walkaloosa, has been created in order to combine a walking horses smooth gaits with the spots of the appaloosa.
  • Modern appaloosa's that have no spots may be registered as breeding stock, as long as they possess the other characteristics.
  • There are races specifically for appaloosas, though they are not as commonly know as harness racing, Thoroughbred racing or Quarter horse racing.

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