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My Teddy Bear Designs at Cafepress

General Assortment of Teddy Bear Designs

A wild assortment of bears, from natural to cuddly and cute. These loveable selections look welcoming on anything from home decor to t-shirts. And you can even have a teddy on a teddy bear!

This may load slowly and you have to scroll inside once the images appear. If you have trouble or don't want to wait, this shop is at this cafepress address: http://www.cafepress.com/shpteddybear.

Meanwhile, if the guys want a tough guy bear, the more realistic bears are available on the guy shirts. with a few cuddle types thrown in. The girls have lots of cuddly bears on apparel with a smaller selection of the tough bears. Going for a run in a hoodie? There is a napping bear here with the text "I'd rather be snoozing." Kids sippy cups and water bottles have cute Christmas teddies and there is even a 'teddy on a teddy bear!' Teddy bears are on bags, wallets and cases and covers. They decorate a wide assortment of drinkwear for the bear fan from child to adult. There is home decor bear style and holiday bear decorations to boot. If you like bears, please 'bear' with the slow load and take a tour."