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Horses on Cafepress

American Horses

America, in spite of the relatively short life span, has spawned many a famous breed of horse. The Morgan is sturdy and versatile, hailing from Vermont. He's one of the first. The most famous is the Quarter horse, who earned his name as a quarter mile racer and bears Morgan, Thoroughbred and Mustang blood. Now he's known as a versatile all arounder and the calm nature is valued round the world. The Mustang is a symbol of American spirit and even now fights to survive against not only nature and predators but the US government. In addition there are the refined, gaited breeds, like Walking horses, Saddlebreds and Fox Trotters. We even have our own breed of racer, the harness horse known as the Standardbred.

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Meanwhile, what are you interested in? Men's shirts have various sizes and styles and include Quarter horse, Morgans, Tennesee Walkers and Saddlebreds. Woman's sizes have those as well as Mustangs, Paints and have everything from tank top to plus size. There are long sleeve for both. Looking for kids? You'll find clothes but also plush teddies who wear horse themed t-shirts, plush balls (baseball, football), infantwear, hats, pjs, tote and duffle bags for Morgan horse fans, a Quarter horse messenger bag, and an elegant saddlebred beach tote. There are thermos and glasses with mustangs and water bottles too. Horse lovers. I am one so I know we want them on everything. Horses on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, plush items, baby clothes and horses on home and office decor. Horses on hats and ornaments. Horses everywhere!