Starhorsepax Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy! Dragons, Unicorns and More

Fantasy! It's the realm of what if. As children, we wander this world and see wonder in every glint of light. Fairies hide in flowerbeds, Hobbits live in holes in hills and dwarves seek out gold, while warriors battle dragons. Fair maidens seek out unicorns and winged horses fly in skies above.

Our imagination seems to get cramped in adulthood. We no longer here the animals talk, or look for hobbits. Is it that they are no longer there, or that we cannot see them? Perhaps it's up to each of us to fight to hold on to wonder and fantasy. To keep the faith, that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that we can really find. Because even if we don't, we'll have a lot of adventures in the quest.

These designs are my imaginings. Dragons of wild coloring, flying or bathing or guarding their young on everything from macbook sleeves to puzzles and shirts and gifts. Winged horses fly across mugs and unicorns wait for your imagination to bring them to life, dancing on shirts and jewelry. Let your imagination fly!

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