Holiday Horses & Friends

Few holidays revolve around horses for their own sake. But horse lovers tend to include their beloved animals in whatever ways are possible. Christmas sees jingle bells on harnesses and fake antlers on bridles. Halloween sees costume classes in shows. And who knows how many holidays feature horses on parade.

What do the horses think of the holidays? Well, odds are if you introduce your horse to the fireworks on the Fourth of July, they will will want no part of it. And a horse that can handle the bizarre night filled with Halloween costumes is a rare beast.

But you can still include your love for horses on the holidays. Wild horses are a symbol of the spirit of freedom and so wild horses are an appropriate horse wear for American holidays like the Fourth of July. And there is no reason not to include horse wear and horse decor for your holiday enjoyment. How about a 'Santa' horse delivering gifts on a tote bag? How about a playful foal frolicking with candy canes or teddy bears on a long sleeve t-shirt? For Thanksgiving, how about a decorative plate with the turkey riding the pony to freedom? (Well, if you were a turkey what would you do?) How about a special bag of spooky Halloween horses to collect treats in? Your imaginations is the limit.

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