Horses & Friends

Horses,for me, are how it started. Somehow I fell in love with them before I even learned to ride. I taught myself to draw them. I find them to be a wonderful inspiration. To me, there is nothing as free as a wild horse. No exercise or sport is as exciting or relaxing as the dancing of a dressage horse, the show jumper clearing a fence, or the easy paced trail ride to enjoy nature at it's peak Naturally, I love my horses everywhere. Whether it's model horses, t-shirts, mugs, pillows or more, to me, the desire for a horse themed environment comes naturally. I hope you see opportunities for your own horse themed lifestyle, or gifts for your equestrian friends, in my offerings.

Of course, sometimes horses have cousins. So don't be surprised if some donkeys or zebras pop up in the herd of products.

You don't have to give up what you want for necessities, because sometimes they go together. You need clothes, so why not go for that horse t-shirt or sweatshirt you are needing? You need a bag, why not get a durable bag with a horse on it? Better yet, get one that's eco friendly. And yes, you can get mugs almost anywhere. But can you get one with a horse on it and add your own name so no-one else at work or in the office can claim it's theirs? So take a look and remember: you can change styles and colors and sizes and even add your name, or a favorite saying to most of the products. Just for you.

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