Starhorsepax Designs @ Horses, Teddy Bears, Fantasy Creatures and More!

I started with horses. I love horses, and I started drawing purely inspired by books and magazines. I hadn't even ridden a real one yet! So naturally, they are my specialty. I don't limit myself to one breed or type.

I started the teddy bears because I had relatives who liked my art but were not too into horses. I thought about what is universally loved, and realized that I had never, ever, heard of anyone who disliked teddy bears. Not everyone is a huge fan. But dislike? Never. And teddy bears are fun to draw, with just a bit of challenge to give them that special 'alive' look.

Finally, there is the fantasy. I know not everyone is into that, but I find the world of 'what if' to be a lot of fun. You can read ancient myth and legend about dragons and unicorns, but how many people have actually seen one? No one can say my idea of a dragon or unicorn is wrong, because no-one can prove it.

So take a look, find a horse with attitude for your sweatshirt, a teddy bear for that child's t-shirt, or even a dragon to guard your cell phone case. I hope you enjoy the view.

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