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Stable Site
Star Wars
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SPCA site
Valley Blanket
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2010 Christmas Play Web Page


YesterYear Stables

This fictional site is based on a real horse stable I used to work at. It went out of business when the owner died.Most of the pictures are mine, some were taken by friends.

Galactic Museum

This site was done as a project for my education to practice and learn to put together all my new skills. It's based on Star Wars and it's fans and is meant to be fun. No copyright infringement is intended.Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos not labeled were taken by me. Don't expect this site to validate: it was done in HTML 5 which is still having standards designed.

SPCA Augusta County, VA

I started this as part of my internship. The SPCA mainly asked me to take pictures. But given the state of their current site, and how busy they were with uncertain funding, I did this and sent it to them. I don't know if they will use it or parts of it. Most of the pictures, backdrop and text were part of the original site. I converted from tables to CSS, experimented between vertical and drop down navigation and just tried to pull it all together.

Valley Blanket Services and Tack Repair

This is the site I finished my internship on. Challenges included adding a google map in an iframe.I wasn't sure about doing the contact form yet so I kept the information on the page simple. This site isn't due to go live right away. Navigation is on the left to give room in case more pages are needed. The gallery is done in flash, using Jetstream Studio.

The Best Christmas Play Ever

This was an individual web page I worked on for an instructor's church. They had all the basic files and the page set up, they just wanted the center 'gift' to open to reveal the baby. Unfortunately they'd done this in Microsoft Publisher and when I opened the pages on the web...well, it was bogged down with loads of unnecessary code and didn't work well in any browser but Internet Explorer. (And not really well in that either.) I ended up just redoing the page as much like the original as possible whille being fully functional.

All image files came with what they gave me so any trademarks etc go the respective owners.
These images and items were chosen because they starred as characters in the play.

Joomla 2.5 Fun and Practice Site

Link for Joomla 2 Practice.

I set this up for practice and to move some stuff over from my old site which still hasn't been transferred yet. There are a lot of games and such on it and I'm still playing with the free template. There will be pages and features appearing and disappearing as I continue to experiment.