New York Carriage Horses: What is Compassion?

This is one of those cases where I have to ask: “What would Black Beauty say?” I believe he would say that what makes a job good or bad is largely up to the human and whether they are cruel, kind or indifferent. Horse and human are in this together,… Read more“New York Carriage Horses: What is Compassion?”

The Horse’s Revelation of Societies Weakness

Well, here it is. The summation of much of the world’s woes, as once again, revealed through the horse world. The fox guarding the chickens. The corrupt judge sitting over his son’s trial. The blind man driving the automobile (no offense to the blind intended, the way technology is headed,… Read more“The Horse’s Revelation of Societies Weakness”

The All American Colonial Horse Breeds

Horses were high on the list of what the earlier settlers needed. They were needed to pull the plow, take the family to church on Sunday or go to market. They were also the means of entertainment, giving rise to the challenge of which horse was best at his job…. Read more“The All American Colonial Horse Breeds”