Beware the Fox: an old movie with an ageless warning.

It is amazing how somethings never change. Tales of cunning, greed and even politics somehow seem as ageless of tales of heroism. This is one I’ve found, which has the virtue of being miraculously well done in spite of it’s age. Before CGI or modern film techniques, The Tale of… Read more“Beware the Fox: an old movie with an ageless warning.”

The School VS the Bullied Victim…Again

Here we go again, this time with schools not only ignoring bullying but worse, punishing the bullied. Once again, the target is a BRONY. Fortunately, this My Little Pony fanboy spoke up rather than ending up seriously injured. But the schools response was appalling. “Leave the My Little Pony backpack… Read more“The School VS the Bullied Victim…Again”

Sad over Politics Teddy Bear

All the heartbreak and anguish of people suffering made me do it. All over the failure of political leaders. I do not blame either party. I, for one, blame parties in general. Both groups in deadlock, refusing to yield until the little people cry in pain. Party labels stick people… Read more“Sad over Politics Teddy Bear”

The Horse’s Revelation of Societies Weakness

Well, here it is. The summation of much of the world’s woes, as once again, revealed through the horse world. The fox guarding the chickens. The corrupt judge sitting over his son’s trial. The blind man driving the automobile (no offense to the blind intended, the way technology is headed,… Read more“The Horse’s Revelation of Societies Weakness”

Horses and Therapy

It’s no secret to horse lover’s that horses make excellent therapists. They have some of the essential skills built right in. To name a few: They are excellent listeners. They speak only with body language, which encourages awareness. The movement of the horse helps the rider, particularly those who have… Read more“Horses and Therapy”