Horses and the Slaughter Industry

There was a time when I believed the argument that it was better for the horse to be put down at slaughter then suffer neglect or abuse. Many still believe this. But then facts struck me in the face. It’s evidence, not emotion, that rules on these issues, contrary to… Read more“Horses and the Slaughter Industry”

Horses and People – Transportation

Welcome to the first blog post on horses and what they meant to society. Yes, I said FIRST. This is inspired by recent arguments regarding the question of horses and slaughter for food. I’ve seen a fair number of people ask “What’s the difference between horses as meat and other… Read more“Horses and People – Transportation”

Take a Stand for Honor, Horses and History in 2012

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by life. So many issues, who has time to research them all? It’s so easy to just ‘believe’ what we want to believe or what we are told by the government, corporation, boss, coworker, friends or family. But sometimes the little issues we ignore are… Read more“Take a Stand for Honor, Horses and History in 2012”