Gifts are How We Show our Love

Do you know what the passion of that person you are shopping for is? If it’s horses, you’ve come to the right place.

The horse lover lives in a realm where horses are all they seem to think about at times. Even if they don’t actually own a horse, it may seem to make them hard to buy for. If you can’t buy them the horse outright, or the equipment, what do you do? Well, you could try books or movies about horses. But odds are they already have all of those.

Here is a clue: Horse lovers tend to surround themselves with reminders of horses whenever possible. You’ll find tons of great ideas on this site.

Better yet, in my Zazzle shop you’ll find products featuring horses that can be customized. Add a name or a special message and you get brownie points for not only knowing their passion but putting your heart into it and making it personal. This gift becomes truly one of a kind. Oh, and while your at it, don’t forget the card!

My art is available on apparel and gifts at Zazzle and Cafepress, as well as greeting cards from Greeting Card Universe. The greeting cards are customizable on the inside, and sometimes on the outside too. Zazzle t-shirts, home decor, apparel, office decor and electronics are all customizable as well. Available designs can often be maneuvered and text added, fonts or colors changed or styles and sizes changed, so all you need to do is hit that ‘customize’ button to make the design your own.

So stop on by and take a look around, especially on the holidays. Your horse loving friends will appreciate it. And you might just find a cute teddy bear design you cannot resist.