Do you know which holidays are coming up? This calendar has holidays from the UK, US and Canada. Don’t be caught without your greeting cards!


Most holidays we celebrate are to commemorate events, whether personal or as a nation. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to begin to take them for granted. We lose the original meaning in festivities, or, we go in the other direction and don’t celebrate at all.

People have sent messages to each other for these events since ancient times. But at first, it was expensive. Perhaps then, we appreciated them more. With the invention of the printing press, cards became affordable and popular. Sending was easy. But then along comes the internet, with it’s easy e-mail and social networking. Between one thing and another, card sending isn’t as popular as it once was.

So why send cards at all, when you can just fire off a quick message?

Because it shows you care. The most valuable thing anyone truly owns is time. You can never earn more of it! So to make or choose or customize a card, personalize it, and send it, shows that you value them. They were worth giving up just a little bit of time. So check the calendar, check your memory and your Facebook messages. Remember not everyone has those. And in your busy life, there may just be someone out there who needs to know you care. And isn’t that worth the price of sending a card?

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