Free Resource Links

Resource Links for Free Computer and Graphics programs

This stuff is really free UNLESS 

  • It’s changed since I last looked.  Sometimes early versions of software are free but later they become upgraded and then they aren’t free anymore.  Or maybe they’ll use the old version as just a Demo.
  • Regarding brushes and patterns these are posted free but sometimes there are terms of use.  Sometimes they are only free for personal use, or they request a link or just credit.

Brushes and Patterns for Gimp and Photoshop:


Cool Mac Freeware :


Web Browsers and Composers

Seamonkey Project   Includes the Web Browser, WYSIWIG editor and mail.  Not great for high quality web coding but pretty good for just experimenting with colors and font styles. Also be warned: NOT up to using HTML 5 yet. It will strip the code.

Firefox – Love the options and way you can customize it. But lately it’s had issues – coinciding with when it tried to integrate the Flash plug in the same way Chrome and Safari did.  Totally Free. Hopefully it’ll get back on track soon.

Add on functions for web people: Measure it, Color Pickers, and of course, Firebug.

Chrome – Also customizable and it has lots of free apps to attach although some only work with the internet on. Open a new tab and that’s where your apps appear. You may need a google account to install but it’s free.

Add on functions for web people: Measure it, Color Pickers, Web developer toolbar, validator.

Safari – Less customizable since there are no personas. But the apps are usually NOT free. Same add ons as Chrome usually.

Opera – I think this is more used in Europe than the US. But occasionally I still use it. Used to have themes but the function seems temporarily disabled.

Other handy Plug ins: Adblock + (for the record, I don’t object to ads in general. I realize they are there to keep free pages, free. I do object to massive amounts of them or flashy ones. Or rather, my mac and internet connection object.) Adblock only blocks Flash ads, not the other kinds. But usually that is the one causing slow down in page loads anyway.
Adblock +
Safari Adblock


Clamxav: free virus protection for mac. Note that the version in the app store does not have the handy ‘sentry’ feature. But it is available outside the app store.

Clamwin: free virus protection for PC.

Onxy:  fine tune your mac.

Text-Wrangler: handy way to look at web code (just the code) on a mac. comes with a built in compare feature.

Notepad ++  handy way to look at web code on a PC. You have to add on the compare feature though.

Graphics Programs

GIMP  The freebie version of Adobe Photoshop.  Definitely not a replacement and it’s definitely not so easy in the tool panel.  But it’s GREAT for being free.  And you can add brushes and patterns to it.

Inkscape  The freebie of Illustrator but again way harder to work with.  It has really cool effects and is more challenging.  But for free you can’t complain much.

Aviary –  Online.  You have to join to save.   I like the tools but am a tad put out by the customer service.   I went to delete my account when I messed up the username.  Then it wouldn’t let me make a new one with an email.  Their response?  Log into the old, change the email.  Uhhh….I already DELETED the old.  That’s the point.  My email should be free to use again!

Sumopaint – Another online one plus a download for windows.  I liked the tools but didn’t like the fine print.  It sounded like you couldn’t create anything for commercial purposes using it.  I wasn’t about to try and separate what I store that is sellable or not just because of what I made it with.  I’m the artist thanks.  Unless I’m commissioned I decide what I do with the art.

deviantART muro  another web one but you have to be a member of Deviant art to use it.  Joining is free though.

Ribbit – online photo editor, successor to Piknik


ITunes U: Photoshop CS5 by Jason Welsh. (Sorry, can’t link if you don’t have ITunes) Excellent tutorial, I learned more from this than from actual classes. But a warning with this. Excellent series but some of the resources sites he uses seem to have been assaulted by viruses or malware according to the search engine warnings. Be careful!