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  • Stars Mug

    Stars Mug

    price: $19.70
    This adorable blue shaded unicorn is running up between the stars. Blue stars are above and beneath. The design is repe...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: unicorn, unicorn mug, cartoon unicorn, blue unicorn, unicorn and stars, cartoon ...
  • Greeting Card

    Greeting Card

    price: $3.20
    A brown and white dragon mother stands guard over her young. The front says to a Fantastic Mom. This is for the geek Mom...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: dragon, myth, art, mom, mother, baby, creature, fantasy, fantastic, european dra...
  • Stars Necklace

    Stars Necklace

    price: $23.70
    Cartoon blue shaded unicorn with blue stars above and beneath. image ©T.A.Paxton, fully cusomizable
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: unicorn, blue unicorn, cartoon unicorn, unicorn necklace, unicorn jewelry, unico...
  • Sleeve T-shirt

    Sleeve T-shirt

    price: $22.65
    This cartoon blue unicorn is running amidst stars. Head is turned slightly to the viewer, legs curled beneath in mid gal...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: unicorn, blue unicorn, cartoon unicorn, unicorn t-shirt, unicorn kids t-shirt, f...
  • with Tin

    with Tin

    price: $18.30
    Unicorn Head with red and white candy cane colored horn, holly is in the mane. Snowflakes fall all around. Mixed media ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, holiday, seasonal, unicorn, fantasy, candy, cane, snow, snowflakes, f...
  • Macbook Sleeve

    Macbook Sleeve

    price: $75.55
    This red and grey dragon peers out of his den with flaming green eyes at the viewer. Dark red brown stalactites and dark...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: fantasy, dragons, art, legend, myth, illustrations, creatures
  • trucker hat

    trucker hat

    price: $16.15
    Purple Dragon gives a suspicious look from a top of pile of treasured gold. Sprinkled throughout are indications of gold...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: dragon, dragon t-shirt, purple dragon, cartoon dragon, vector dragon, purple dra...
  • T-Shirt


    price: $19.40
    A rare gryphon. Half lion, half eagle and done in golden browns. It sits at the tail end of a streamer from a golden sta...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: fantasy, art, mixed media, gryphon, mythical, myth, legend, fantasy creatures
  • Night Mug

    Night Mug

    price: $19.40
    winged horse rears above the viewer in the star filled evening sky. Another smaller version is on the reverse. Mixed med...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: wings, winged, horse, flying, animals, equine, fantasy, creatures, myths, greek,...
  • Dragon T-shirt

    Dragon T-shirt

    price: $31.30
    On the back: Green eyes stare out of the viewer as the red and gray dragon turns it's head to peer out between stala...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: fantasy, fantasy art, dragon, dragon art, mixed media, mythical creatures, myths...
  • T-Shirt


    price: $32.35
    A wary jade green dragon looks over it's shoulder against a smoky background. The text says "Don't provoke ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: dragon, wild, fantasy, legend, myth, mythical, creatures, art, illustration, ill...
  • T-Shirt


    price: $19.40
    This vector dragon is done in orange and golds. He has red jewels on wing and tail. With a suspicious look, he watches o...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: dragon, dragon t-shirt, golden dragon, fantasy dragon, cartoon dragon, cartoon d...
  • Believe Shirt

    Believe Shirt

    price: $30.15
    white regal unicorn gallops with flying mane and tail. Rainbow horn. says unicorns! on blue in front and I dare to bel...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: unicorn, fantasy, rainbow, art, illustration, fairytales
  • Woman's T-Shirt

    Woman's T-Shirt

    price: $26.95
    A stylized winged horse that rides the storm. Or does he bring it? Featuring a magnificent running winged horse the colo...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: fantasy, pegasus, pegasai, horses, winged horses, lightning, storm, art, mythica...
  • Unicorn Lunchbox

    Unicorn Lunchbox

    price: $43.15
    Cartoon shaded blue unicorn galloping between the stars. His head is turned slightly to look at the viewer. One large st...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: stars, unicorn, blue unicorn, unicorn theme, unicorn and stars, fantasy, fantasy...
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