Zazzle Horses

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  • Tree Skirt

    Tree Skirt

    price: $64.75
    What horse lover doesn't have a few horse themed figures on their tree? Don't forget to put a few on the tree skirt...or...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horses, christmas, bay horse, brown horse, black horse, palomino horse, chestnut...
  • Horse Shirt

    Horse Shirt

    price: $31.90
    Illustrated Clydesdale with jingle bells and a sack full of teddy bears with snowflakes in the background. Says Happy H...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, horse, happy, holidays, horses, clydesdale, teddy, bears, presents, a...
  • Horse Ornament

    Horse Ornament

    price: $22.65
    Magnificent chestnut Belgian draft horse with a flowing mane and tail running through the snow. She whirls as a white do...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, holiday, seasonal, belgian, horse, mare, stallion, dove, draft, anima...
  • Clydesdale Ornament

    Clydesdale Ornament

    price: $17.25
    Christmas Clydesdale carries a sack full of teddy bears and wears jingle bells. Says Happy Holidays on the front. Rever...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, horse, holiday, clydesdale, animals, seasonal
  • Christmas Ornament

    Christmas Ornament

    price: $14.00
    This black draft horse is excited to play in the snow. Mixed media illustration. Natural Christmas trees are behind him ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, horse lover, horse art, winter horse, shire, draft horse, shire horse, ho...
  • Womans t-shirt

    Womans t-shirt

    price: $18.85
    "I'm a Touch of Class with Splash!" Proclaims this fancy black and white mare. She has all the elegance of an ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, mare, arabian, pinto, paint, tobiano, animals, steed, equestrian, black a...
  • Foal Shirt

    Foal Shirt

    price: $23.80
    Brown and White Paint Foal canters through the snow with a candy cane in his mouth. Christmas Illustration.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, happy, horse, holidays, seasonal, paint, pinto, foal, snowflakes, ill...
  • Gift Box

    Gift Box

    price: $32.35
    Fine Illustrated Andalusian horse high stepping along with a green and red wreath and a red ribbon. Stars twinkle behind...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, andalusian, horse, art, illustration, star, wreath, ribbons, animals,...
  • Bumper Sticker

    Bumper Sticker

    price: $4.20
    A combo sticker! A Tennessee Walking horse family, with a chestnut at a fast running walk on the outside, behind him is ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: tennessee walking horse, gaited, horse, running, horses, equestrian, art, tennes...
  • Horse Stocking

    Horse Stocking

    price: $20.50
    This fancy andalusian horse steps regally through the snowfall, decorated with a wreath around his neck. His pale gray a...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: holiday horse, christmas, christmas horse, andalusian, stallion, mare, equestria...
  • Bumper Sticker

    Bumper Sticker

    price: $4.30
    Leopard Appaloosa Horse galloping against a blue field, with the text, "Ally in War, Companion in Peace, Ban Horse ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, equestrian, stop horse slaughter, horse lover, ban horse slaughter, horse...
  • Card


    price: $3.45
    Illustrated Chestnut Horse head design with the horse heads joined in a heart shape. White doves flutter above them. B...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, heads, hearts, doves, friendship, best, friends, soul, mates, happy, day,...
  • Baby Shirt

    Baby Shirt

    price: $14.00
    Adorable Brown Teddy Bear rides a Galloping Pony. Illustrated. by ©T.A.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, pony, teddy bear, illustrations, animais, stuffed toys, bear, toys, musta...
  • Scripture Shirt

    Scripture Shirt

    price: $17.80
    A muscular golden palomino stallion prances across the front of this t-shirt. Where does his power come from? The ground...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, palomino, stallion, art, illustration, mixed media, scripture, bible, bib...
  • Foal t-shirt

    Foal t-shirt

    price: $23.80
    illustration of a chestnut mare spotted appaloosa mare and her bay foal. For Horse lovers of all kinds and appaloosa lov...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: mare, foal, filly, colt, horse, equine, appaloosa, spotted, animals, art, illust...
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