Zazzle Horses

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  • Tree Skirt

    Tree Skirt

    price: $64.75
    What horse lover doesn't have a few horse themed figures on their tree? Don't forget to put a few on the tree skirt...or...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horses, christmas, bay horse, brown horse, black horse, palomino horse, chestnut...
  • Bumper Sticker

    Bumper Sticker

    price: $4.20
    A combo sticker! A Tennessee Walking horse family, with a chestnut at a fast running walk on the outside, behind him is ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: tennessee walking horse, gaited, horse, running, horses, equestrian, art, tennes...
  • Horse Shirt

    Horse Shirt

    price: $38.30
    Illustrated Clydesdale with jingle bells and a sack full of teddy bears with snowflakes in the background. Says Happy H...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, horse, happy, holidays, horses, clydesdale, teddy, bears, presents, a...
  • Travel Mug

    Travel Mug

    price: $26.95
    Dappled gray shire draft horse gallops over a solar flare with a sun sparking behind. Mixed Media Illustration by T.A.P...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, shire, draft horse, galaxy, inspiring, solar, storm, dream, stallion, ani...
  • Appaloosas Binder

    Appaloosas Binder

    price: $25.45
    Illustrated Appaloosas thunder across a field of blue. Design wraps completely around the binder cover. Says I Love App...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: appaloosa, art, illustration, graphic, horse, equine, animmotivational, horse lo...
  • Two-Tone Coffee Mug

    Two-Tone Coffee Mug

    price: $17.25
    The sun rises behind this golden palomino running over purple and pink hued clouds. Underneath it says "Horses are ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, palomino, heaven, earth, art, illustration, sun, horse lover, clouds, hor...
  • Art Mug

    Art Mug

    price: $18.30
    A bay arabian horse head on one side, a full view on the other of the horse leaping into a gallop. illustrated in marker...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: art, illustration, animals, arabians, horses, equine, mare
  • Heart Ornament

    Heart Ornament

    price: $20.50
    Spirited spotted mare rears on one side. Above it says 'Appaloosa Horse Lover'. On the reverse it says horse lover. Back...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, horse lover, horse art, equestrian, appaloosa, western breeds, spirited h...
  • Woman's T-shirt

    Woman's T-shirt

    price: $24.80
    Black pinto horse done in vector art. Above the horse a heart holds the letter 'I'. It can mean I love horses, I love ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: pinto, horse, paint, paint horse, horses, animals, art, heart, i heart horses, i...
  • Value T-shirt

    Value T-shirt

    price: $21.55
    "Ally in War, Companion in Peace" Ban Horse Slaughter. 3 illustrated Running horses, a leopard appaloosa, a pa...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horses, equestrian, ban horse slaughter, no horse slaughter, appaloosa, running ...
  • Stallion T-shirt

    Stallion T-shirt

    price: $21.55
    A blue roan mustang stallion rears with teeth bared. artwork. Large version on back. Front has a smaller one on chest wi...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: wild horses, horses, mustang, horse art, equine art, western, animals, stallion,...
  • Lumbar Pillow

    Lumbar Pillow

    price: $46.65
    On one side, a chestnut Tennessee Walker does a high stepping running walk. A black mare and a bright bay foal are besid...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, tennessee walker, tennessee walking horse, plantation walker, running wal...
  • Horse Card

    Horse Card

    price: $3.45
    A gray Arabian horse trots through the waves on a beach. With a blue sky, golden clouds and a windswept tail, this horse...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horses, arabian horse, gray horse, arabian, beach, art, animals, equestrian, equ...
  • Horse Postcard

    Horse Postcard

    price: $1.20
    Mixed media. illustrated white horse gallops through a cloudy sky (photo).
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, equine, sky, clouds, art, illustration, photo, animals, horses
  • Bumper Sticker

    Bumper Sticker

    price: $4.30
    illustrated mustang family gallops past. The end trio is fading away. Text says "Don't let the Wild Horses fade in...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: mustang, horse, wild, art, animal, illustration, mixed, media, animals, roundups...
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