Zazzle Horses

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  • Woman's T-shirt

    Woman's T-shirt

    price: $27.90
    Ally in War, Companion in Peace" Ban Horse Slaughter. 3 illustrated Running horses, a leopard appaloosa, a palomino...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horses, appaloosa, palomino, ban horse slaughter, causes, animal protection, foo...
  • Womans t-shirt

    Womans t-shirt

    price: $21.70
    A Touch of Class with Splash is how this friendly high stepping mare think of herself. She has all the elegance of the a...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, pony, arabian, pinto, paint, equestrian, steed, animal, black and white h...
  • T-Shirt


    price: $22.45
    Illustrated Blue Roan wild Horse with Attitude. Says Born to stay wild and Get off My Back.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, equine, wild, mustang, animals, illustrated, get, off, back, born, stay, ...
  • Horse Coasters

    Horse Coasters

    price: $33.50
    Illustrated cartoon turkey flees on a palomino pony from the upcoming feast. In he background, autumn leaves fly past. S...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: thanksgiving, holiday, autumn, palomino, pony, horse, turkey, animals, art, illu...
  • Horses T-Shirt

    Horses T-Shirt

    price: $27.90
    illustrated wild horse family starts with a mare, stallion and foal in full color, fading to just the mare and stallion....
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: mustangs, horse, animals, wild, blm, bureau, land, management, roundups, issues,...
  • Greeting Card

    Greeting Card

    price: $3.97
    Bright eyed draft horse foal trots along with a red stocking hanging from his mouth. He wears a Christmas wreath around ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, clydesdale, colt, holiday, seasons, wreath, ribbon, christmas stockin...
  • Horse Mug

    Horse Mug

    price: $16.75
    illustrated bay Selle Francais Horse leaping over a jump. light blue background, text says "Selle Francais" 3 ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: selle, francais, horse, equine, animals, art, illustration, graphic, equestrian
  • Morphing Mug

    Morphing Mug

    price: $22.65
    A delightful fantasy surprise is this evening sky colored winged horse racing across a lighter pink and lavender sky. Th...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: fantasy, lightning, horse, pegasus, pegasai, winged horse, mythical beast, mythi...
  • Dreams Mug

    Dreams Mug

    price: $16.75
    A black quarter horse marches against a fantasy blue sky, stars and streaks in the background. Says Quarter Horse Dream...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: quarter, horse, equine, animals, art, illustration, starhorsepax, lvoer, dreams,...
  • Colt Ornament

    Colt Ornament

    price: $26.05
    This adorable draft horse foal is trotting eagerly forward with a red stocking hanging from his mouth. A green wreath ha...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, clydesdale, colt, holiday, wreath, christmas stocking, stocking, foal...
  • Heart Ornament

    Heart Ornament

    price: $19.80
    Customizable, handsome gray Andalusian stallion cantering across a field of stars. One big star is behind. He sports a w...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, andalusian, horse, art, illustration, star, wreath, ribbons, animals,...
  • Art Mug

    Art Mug

    price: $18.30
    A bay arabian horse head on one side, a full view on the other of the horse leaping into a gallop. illustrated in marker...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: art, illustration, animals, arabians, horses, equine, mare
  • Horse Ornament

    Horse Ornament

    price: $26.05
    Magnificent chestnut Belgian draft horse with a flowing mane and tail running through the snow. She whirls as a white do...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, holiday, seasonal, belgian, horse, mare, stallion, dove, draft, anima...
  • Horse Shirt

    Horse Shirt

    price: $36.70
    Illustrated Clydesdale with jingle bells and a sack full of teddy bears with snowflakes in the background. Says Happy H...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, horse, happy, holidays, horses, clydesdale, teddy, bears, presents, a...
  • Rhythm Shirt

    Rhythm Shirt

    price: $21.70
    illustrated chestnut Peruvian Paso horse performs his special gait. Says "keeping the rhythm." art by T.A.Pax...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, peruvian, paso, gaited, breeds, animals, illustration, art, equestrian
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