Introduction: Teddy Bear Viewpoints

Introducing: A Teddy Bear’s Viewpoint.

As current events sometimes inspire designs and creativity, Starhorsepax Designs is going to the ‘bear’ experts for teddy bears viewpoints on the issues.

The Journalist: Vernon, My oldest Teddy Bear.

Here is a sampling of what's coming up:

  • Teddy Bear Abuse: ie  hiding guns and drugs in bears and ruining there chances to be adopted. Forcing teddies to ‘smuggle’ illegal weapons. Rated X behavior toward teddy bears.
  • Teddy Bear Acts of Bravery: Leaping out of planes to spread love, comforting kids in hospitals as they face the terrifying machines and treatments.
  • Teddy Bear Encouragement Ideas:  For a kid who has trouble reading aloud or speaking, a teddy bear will listen without judgment over fumbled words.
  • Teddy Bear eye View of Bulles

And more! Coming Soon!