Zazzle Teddy bears & friends

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  • Bear Apron

    Bear Apron

    price: $16.85
    This little bear is almost ready to go to work keeping your little ones clean during their adventures. All it needs is t...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: bears, teddy, teddy bears, animals, cartoon animals, cartoon teddy bears, signs,...
  • Bear Card

    Bear Card

    price: $3.30
    Adorable Teddy Bear with a Bible, and heart with a cross. A yellow glow shines down from above. Celebrating Pastor App...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: pastor, appreciation, christian, bible, cross, religious, teddy, bear, computer,...
  • Baby Shirt

    Baby Shirt

    price: $14.00
    Adorable Brown Teddy Bear rides a Galloping Pony. Illustrated. by ©T.A.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: horse, pony, teddy bear, illustrations, animais, stuffed toys, bear, toys, musta...
  • Throw Pillow

    Throw Pillow

    price: $35.20
    A besieged Mother Bear stands patiently as her cubs crawl all over her. Red hearts float around them on a green patterne...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: bear, teddy, cub, cubs, animals, wildlife, art, illustration, mother, brown, mom...
  • Horse Shirt

    Horse Shirt

    price: $38.30
    Illustrated Clydesdale with jingle bells and a sack full of teddy bears with snowflakes in the background. Says Happy H...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: christmas, horse, happy, holidays, horses, clydesdale, teddy, bears, presents, a...
  • Lovers Mug

    Lovers Mug

    price: $21.55
    Designed with that rare and precious gifts: two grandparents that have stuck together through thick and thin. The huggin...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: bears, teddy bears, cartoon bears, cartoon animals, animals, grandmother, grandf...
  • Easter Cards

    Easter Cards

    price: $3.45
    mixed media illustration, teddy bear hugs tan pug dog. Easter eggs in a spring scene surround them.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: easter, holiday, easter eggs, spring, dog, pet, pug, bear, teddy bear, art, illu...
  • Horse Binder

    Horse Binder

    price: $25.45
    A white carousel horse carries twin teddy bears across a pink and light blue checkered background. Says Baby Book on the...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: twins, teddy, bear, animals, merry-go-round, carousel, illustration, art, baby, ...
  • Woman's T-Shirt

    Woman's T-Shirt

    price: $26.95
    A cute brown teddy bear holds a pink heart that has a golden glow within. Butterflies float around him. The text says &q...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: teddy, bear, animal, butterflies, heart, glow, young, immaturity, teddy bear, st...
  • Toddler T-shirt

    Toddler T-shirt

    price: $20.50
    Bring your child into the fun of St. Patrick's Day with this 'I've got the Luck 'O' The Irish design, featuring a cute c...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: bear, teddy, irish, luck, saint patrick's day, st. patrick's day, luck o...
  • Bear Necklace

    Bear Necklace

    price: $32.35
    A blue teddy bear angel, lying on a cloud. Designed in watercolor pencil.
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: teddy, bear, angel, teddy bears
  • Bears Mug

    Bears Mug

    price: $18.60
    2 fine specimens of bear: A black on one side and a brown on the other, walk across this mug and watch the viewer. art b...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: black bear, brown bear, bears, teddy, animals, wild animals, art, animal art, mi...
  • Water Bottle

    Water Bottle

    price: $23.70
    A pair of black and brown bears walk across this water bottle, facing the viewer. Patterned green background. Art by T.A...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: black bear, brown bear, bears, teddy, animals, wild animals, art, animal art, mi...
  • Woman's T-shirt

    Woman's T-shirt

    price: $24.80
    A golden teddy bear bookended by hearts while up above it says "Keep the Boys, give me the Teddy Bear. Inspired by ...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: bear, teddy bear, hearts, valentines, boys, wink, cute bear, funny, fun bear, fu...
  • Bear Apron

    Bear Apron

    price: $16.85
    This cute dark brown teddy bear holds a sign with 'NAME' as placeholder text. Just switch it out for the right name or i...
    design: starhorsepax

    tags: teddy, bear, teddy bear, animals, cartoon, cartoon bear, name, personalized
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