Save White Collar – Champion TV Should Never End in a Cliffhanger

There are few things more maddening than to love a TV show and have it cut off abruptly. Still more infuriating is when it’s a show with great reviews, strong fan base and a major cliffhanger ending for the season.

Such is the case with White Collar.

What it’s About:

For those not in the know: White Collar is about an FBI agent who takes on a Art Forger/Con Man as a partner on parole, to take down the bad guys. (The bad guys usually being far worse than our favorite con man.) Their friendship is heartwarming and awkward. Their teamwork amazing. Sometimes they conflict and don’t tell each other things, but in the end they respect each other.

Besides the cool characters it features amazing locations: places in New York that are not seen in the usual police crime drama. They chase art forgers, con men, occasionally killers involved with such. They do it with humor and sheer cleverness, not mere explosions (though don’t assume there is no action involved.)

Rounding out the hero con man’s ‘redemption’ attempts is his pal on the other side, who is pulling him back in just as hard as the Agent as trying to pull him out. But you can’t really hate him either.

Our Current Crisis:

Months after a major (character in mortal danger) Season 5 finale, talks are still stalled between Fox (which owns the program) and USA Network (which airs it). Fans are tweeting, facebooking, and battling non stop to make sure an appropriate ending happens at all and doesn’t get abandoned due to their legal conflict. Time is running out – the actors contracts end around April.

This war has been fought and won before. Starting with Star Trek, which went on one more season, then rebounded for movies and spin offs. Firefly bounced back for a movie and comic books. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had another season via comic books.

The catch is Fox, which is ridiculously sad in licensing. While all the other USA programs had fun items available, even a few novels, Fox would not agree on licensing and allowed only DVDs, a few T-shirts and a few other items. Even Castle, on ABC, has spin off novels and comics. Now we, the fans, are caught in the crush between two sides, neither of which want to fund the expensive New York filming.

USA meanwhile has taken a down turn and is putting on shows that many ‘Collars’ would not be caught dead watching. After watching something as smart as White Collar and with so many other of its hit shows having run their course, they seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

If you haven’t seen White Collar: don’t wait, catch it now and join our crusade to SAVE IT – at least long enough for a proper ending. Tweet your support with #WhiteCollarforS6, #CollarsUnite and comment on USA networks facebook page.

One note though: supporting White Collar by watching it legally is important too. Illegal downloads give no money to the actors or studio or sponsors. And without those, we have no hope of a continuation of the show. So rent, borrow or buy but please don’t steal.

Help Our Cause and Help Others Too:

Also you can donate to a program to buy the DVDs for Support the Troops. These DVDS will be bought in the NBCUniversal store (USA parent company) and shipped to our deployed military troops to enjoy.

savewcwidgetDonate here at White Collar Closure  (and FYI, I don’t make a dime off any of this. I’m just a fan who is horrified at being left with an ending like that and very angry at the two studios that would stay in deadlock and deny renewal over their legal and money aims.)

The Final Goal:

To at least wrap up the cliffhanger’s story line. We would prefer an entire season, but at the very least we feel the show, the characters, actors and fans deserve it.