Too Many Teddies?

Teddy Bear Collection
A Big Group of Teddy Bears – these live with me.

It’s raining teddy bears in Sandy Hook, Conneticut! Yes, bear lovers and sympathetic folks everywhere have sent love in teddy bear form en masse. So en masse that the people of Sandy Hook are now drowning in bears and asking for donations to the United Way instead.

This is a thought provoking moment: can there be any such thing as too much teddy bears? As too much love? NO. However, love does need room to expand so it doesn’t smother. How about donating some of those cuddly bears to others in need? Not every lonely child or grieving mother makes the news. Yet children die without being shot and some live without a parent because that parent is overseas defending our country. And to be fair, there are kids in some countries who've never laid eyes on a toy!

So let’s consider our options and look around. Who else needs some love? I guarantee you, there is somewhere for a teddy bear to be sent on a mission of delivering love. We need to learn to find it in the smaller more personal tragedies too. For the single mom who can’t afford her kids birthday because it’s too close to Christmas, to the orphan, to the sick children in the hospital….they are there all the time. It shouldn’t take a gunman to make us notice.

So bring on the bears! They have a mission!

Merry Christmas to you and your teddy bear.

Joyful Christmas Bear
Joyful Christmas Bear
Christmas Tree sweater bear
Christmas Tree Bear



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