Where People and Wild Animals Collide

It’s been a hard day.

I had a first hand encounter with the world where people and animals blur. I hit a bear and a bear hit me. No, it wasn’t a boxing match. It was a jay running bear rushing across the road. No slamming on of the brakes would prevent the collision. The bear cartwheeled impressively as a gymnast over the hood and into the woods.

I pulled to the side and cautiously got out and stared at my car, wincing. Badly bent, my Neon now had a front end like a Volkswagon bug. My headlight was gone, even the bulb. I went back to the back bumper and peered back toward the woods. No movement, no body, and a sense of self preservation said don’t look too close. If it’s alive, it’s upset. The following drivers checked to see if I was okay and I carefully climbed back in the car and drove on to work.

Once well clear of ‘possible upset bear’ zone, I got to work, pulled in the parking lot, popped the hood…and winced as my fingers hit slime. Leaking. Opened hood. Crack. Bent radiator. Old car. I’m….in….trouble…..don’t have money for this. No car, no get to work… Might be totaled… had to be towed home.

I still remind myself the bear was probably hurt worse. Either that or it was made of rubber. And I do feel bad.

I wish there was a way to teach wild animals to look both ways before crossing the road.