Halloween Inspirations

Halloween brings out both greed and creativity. Greed for the candy. Creativity for those who aren’t satisfied with standard store bought costumes. And then some don’t stop with costumes for themselves, but decorate their pets as well.

In general, for animals one would expect Halloween to be terrifying.

We humans know that usually it’s meant to be fun. But what is an animal to make of that weird get up you are in? Or all the crazy strangers moving up and down the neighborhoods?

There are few creatures more unlikely than a horse in costume. Most of the horses I’ve known freak out at a wind blowing a leaf at them. I knew one that had a panic attack when a hat was moved near him. I never did figure out what caused it. Was he attacked by an evil hat as a foal? Where a costume? The thought probably would’ve made him faint.

But in spite of this, one does hear of costume classes.  And they don’t limit themselves to native cultural costumes. Forget mere indian ponies or war horses, though they are impressive enough. Some people go even further and amazingly, their horses go along with it.

I found this video on youtube of some truly impressive horses: check out their human’s creativity and the horses courage at putting up with wearing this oddity.

May everyone have a safe Halloween: watch out for things that spook your horses or food that is less than ‘horse compatible’. Look too for the ‘Trick’ end of the ‘Trick and Treat’. Tricks involving horses can turn dangerous.