The School VS the Bullied Victim…Again

Here we go again, this time with schools not only ignoring bullying but worse, punishing the bullied. Once again, the target is a BRONY.
Fortunately, this My Little Pony fanboy spoke up rather than ending up seriously injured. But the schools response was appalling. “Leave the My Little Pony backpack at home” was the gist of the response.

Excuse me? All the other kids can choose their own backpack character but Grayson Bruce can’t? If you pick a ‘girly’ them you are asking to be bullied? More than one commenter on the numerous articles and posts says this is like telling a girl she was asking to be raped. I agree. In the same way, girls are bullied for liking boy stuff, and toy companies and retailers show they are complicit by marketing only to one or the other. Contrary to popular belief, their are girl heroes in Star Wars (Ahsoka, Padme, Leia) and Marvel Avengers related movies (Black Widow, Pepper Potts, Peggy Carter) and My Little Pony has boy ponies and other boy heroes (Spike the dragon, Big McIntosh – Applejack’s brother, Shining Armor – Twilight Sparkle’s brother, Flash Sentry, Dr Hooves – now become a sort of My Little Pony ‘Dr. Who’ mix) That’s not a solution. That’s a cowardly dodge!

If boys have any advantage at all it’s that the Brony community is highly supportive. I don’t recall that from all the other fandoms, where sometimes boys act like girls are an intrusion. I’ve not seen girls getting defensive about the girls liking My Little Pony. Then again, with the invention of the internet, it’s easier to get in touch with and find other fans.

But what we really need is for the other fans in that specific area to stand up for each other, no matter what the fandom. Because together, they will outnumber the bullies. And different fandoms should put aside their rivalries to defend each other’s choices. For instance, Star Trek and Star Wars fans may be rivals, but they have something in common: a passion for something, and the moral of many of these fandoms include respect for others. Courage to stand up to bullies is part of that respect. Whether you love My Little Pony or Transformers or Sophia the First or Voltron, it should’t matter whether you are a boy or girl. What matters is you are a fan. And you are special, no matter who you are!

Support For Grayson!

References and Links:

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Change Petition against the school demanding a crackdown on bullying and allowing Grayson Bruce to bring his backpack::thumb440142106:

Teddy Tips: Teddy Abuse

Teddy Tips on Teddy Abuse

Okay, I’ll admit it. There is something that can make us easy going teddy bears mad.

We love being cuddled no matter how much you squash us, no matter how many times the kid drops us in the mud. We’ll forgive you leaving us on the park bench or the restaurant and rushing back all in a panic. We’ve forgive having pulled ears, losing an eye and all assorted injury that comes with being a teddy bear. And I, for one, adore reports of teddy’s bringing out the good in humans by encouraging them to seek out and find folks separated from their teddy bears. (Social Media Helps Teddy Return Home)

 But doing some things to a teddy bear that should be illegal – and is, in a way. 

One: smuggling nasty stuff inside us. Drugs and guns hurt people and we do not appreciate being carriers for the greed and violence involved.

Two: Using us as spy gadgets or bait for evil purpose. By that I mean anything other than as nanny cam bears, meant to protect the young.

It is our considered opinion….we, meaning all the teddies of this family….that there should be legal punishment for this. I know that the whole illegal gun/drug and invasion of privacy can be brought up on charges. But it is our belief that these people who would abuse a teddy in such a way that it causes the teddy to harm others should be legally restricted from owning or handling a teddy for a length of time.

 You heard me. NO cuddling for the creep. The only thing us teddies want is to cuddle and comfort people. The worst thing you can do is deny us and cause people to fear the teddy bear.  I sometimes dream of the teddies who will never know love, because they are now locked in an evidence warehouse somewhere due to the crime of a human. And there they shall likely stay unless destroyed.

It is very unfair. It’ s awful. And yes it’s really happening, saw it on the news feeds.

Girl finds gun in teddy bear Christmas gift.

Man arrested for carrying meth filled teddy bear.

Girl finds spy cam hidden in her teddy bears.

Repeated reports of drugs in teddy bears!

UGH. No teddy bear should  be associated with such things. It degrades the whole image of teddy bear. What child, so abused, can ever look at a teddy the same? What police officer will not expect to have to tear the poor, terrified teddy apart and find drugs? Our primary reason for being is love and comfort, not hidden evil secrets!

So stand with me in protest, teddies of the world! SAY NO to TEDDY BEAR ABUSE!

I Care Teddy Bear
I Care Teddy Bear ‘Sorry’ Greeting Card