Spotlight on a Design: Isaiah Angel Bear.

It started with a couple of Bible verses (listed here in KJV):

Isaiah 6 :  The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
and 65 : The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.

The idea that nothing would hurt or destroy on God’s holy mountain was such a peaceful, appealing idea. It still is. I love animals, and apparently the whole predator and prey system will be changed on his mountain. As a member of a species that seems to be hurtful even to its own, I find it such a hopeful promise that someday, that even the animals won’t be like that. And if the animals won’t be, than maybe we won’t either.
No more bashing politicians. No more mocking over insignificant differences. No more fighting and killing over money, land, or race.
Right now, we must leave the wild animals wild or they will be killed, perhaps for poor reasons like sport, by accident like being in the wrong place and hit by a car or understandable reasons like food.
But some day, maybe we too, can cuddle up with that previously wild animal. The bears really will be teddy bears. The wolfs will be as friendly as dogs. A lion may be a bigger wilder but still gentle cat. And we can be friends, not enemies or competition for resources.

That’s my idea of heaven. Where lost loved ones are reunited and new friends of all species are made, and previous ills are just a nightmare that fades away in daylight.


Teddy Tips: Teddy Abuse

Teddy Tips on Teddy Abuse

Okay, I’ll admit it. There is something that can make us easy going teddy bears mad.

We love being cuddled no matter how much you squash us, no matter how many times the kid drops us in the mud. We’ll forgive you leaving us on the park bench or the restaurant and rushing back all in a panic. We’ve forgive having pulled ears, losing an eye and all assorted injury that comes with being a teddy bear. And I, for one, adore reports of teddy’s bringing out the good in humans by encouraging them to seek out and find folks separated from their teddy bears. (Social Media Helps Teddy Return Home)

 But doing some things to a teddy bear that should be illegal – and is, in a way. 

One: smuggling nasty stuff inside us. Drugs and guns hurt people and we do not appreciate being carriers for the greed and violence involved.

Two: Using us as spy gadgets or bait for evil purpose. By that I mean anything other than as nanny cam bears, meant to protect the young.

It is our considered opinion….we, meaning all the teddies of this family….that there should be legal punishment for this. I know that the whole illegal gun/drug and invasion of privacy can be brought up on charges. But it is our belief that these people who would abuse a teddy in such a way that it causes the teddy to harm others should be legally restricted from owning or handling a teddy for a length of time.

 You heard me. NO cuddling for the creep. The only thing us teddies want is to cuddle and comfort people. The worst thing you can do is deny us and cause people to fear the teddy bear.  I sometimes dream of the teddies who will never know love, because they are now locked in an evidence warehouse somewhere due to the crime of a human. And there they shall likely stay unless destroyed.

It is very unfair. It’ s awful. And yes it’s really happening, saw it on the news feeds.

Girl finds gun in teddy bear Christmas gift.

Man arrested for carrying meth filled teddy bear.

Girl finds spy cam hidden in her teddy bears.

Repeated reports of drugs in teddy bears!

UGH. No teddy bear should  be associated with such things. It degrades the whole image of teddy bear. What child, so abused, can ever look at a teddy the same? What police officer will not expect to have to tear the poor, terrified teddy apart and find drugs? Our primary reason for being is love and comfort, not hidden evil secrets!

So stand with me in protest, teddies of the world! SAY NO to TEDDY BEAR ABUSE!

I Care Teddy Bear
I Care Teddy Bear ‘Sorry’ Greeting Card

Hugging Day is Today

It’s National Hugging Day!

Hugs are proven to reduce stress.  Reducing stress has a positive impact on your health. But some people are not comfortable showing their emotions, especially in public. This holiday was made to encourage people to recognize the benefits of a friendly hug.  As a matter of fact, it has spread beyond the US and is ‘celebrated’ in other countries. It is officially recognized but is not a legal holiday. (Sorry, you probably won’t get off work on this one!)

Obviously we would highly recommend that you share your hugs with your furry companions as well.

If you sadly can’t find a human to accept your hug, grab your favorite stuffed animal and hug away. They love hugs too. And hug benefits, to some extent, work for teddy bears too.

Everyone needs a hug sometimes!


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Teddy Bears, Frivolous?

Are Teddy Bears and other Hobbies Frivolous?

Frivolous.  Dictionary definition: carefree and not serious. It’s antonym is considered: serious or important.

Today, I came to the ironic realization the other day that ‘frivolity’ is actually extremely important. And this is how it came about:

I was scrolling through teddy bear images, just to brighten a gray day. And I came upon the headline about the Boyd’s Bear store in Pennsylvania closing. More people out of work and darn it, I’ll never get to visit. But it was the comments that really drew my eye.

There were comments calling teddy bears and teddy bear stores frivolous. The attitude was that teddy bears were a waste of time. After all, they are a toy or collector item. They usually just sit and look cute. This got me to thinking. Are they ‘pointless’ in today’s society? And suddenly I was indignant. I thought of people jumping up and down in war paint at football games. I thought about those same people turning up their nose at those of us who are science fiction and fantasy fans and convention. I thought of people who hunt for sport. And what about people who chase a little white ball around a golf course as a hobby.  I suddenly wondered who is one person to claim another’s hobby is frivolous.

In this modern world we fret about war, about gun control and paying the bills. We may have a roof over our heads and food, but that doesn’t mean we have all we need. True, we have more than many. But we have a spiritual and emotional needs too. And all that stress takes it’s tole on our well being, on our emotions and even our physical health.  Without frivolity, without laughter and smiles, we would self destruct.

Nearly all hobbies have one thing in common: the ability to get us to relax. Most have another feature as well, they improve our skills in some area. Maybe it’s hand and eye coordination, or creativity, problem solving or physical education. But they are all ‘play’ for the one who loves to do them.

I can’t imagine that anything that keeps us from self destructing, calms our tattered, overworked nerves and keeps us healthy is truly unimportant.  So I’ll keep my teddy bears, thank you. And when I can’t buy, I’ll look and draw. Because it relaxes me. And that is anything but frivolous.

Teddy in the Lillies
Teddy Bear in the Lilies with Scripture Verse about Stress.

Full Size Available as Wallpaper – FREE


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Teddy Bears and Creative Memorials

How distressing. So distressing I can’t ‘bear’ to stay silent.

Yes, I know they have too many. And yes, I know I’m ridiculously sentimental.  And I can see that turning the excess into parts of a memorial make sense. But turning teddy bears into bricks? OUCH. UGH. Those poor bears.

My approach would be entirely different. I would ‘pass on’ the unused bears and items.  Sure we know about the families and children involved in the shooting. But what about the ones we don’t know about? Are there no other grieving families there, whose children were lost to accident or illness? What about in neighboring counties? No children in hospitals that would appreciate them? No kids whose families are hard up and could use the school supplies or toys?

I know the logistics sound difficult. But ‘passing on’ the gifts to those with nothing would be a tribute in itself. It would honor the fallen and help the living too.  There are plenty of other ways to ‘build’ a memorial without the bears.  

For that matter, how about a ‘teddy bear auction’ with proceeds donated to a charity of the families choice?  I bet that $5 Wal-Mart teddy would go for a lot farther if put up in a charity auction.

Must we resort to ‘cremating’ unused teddy bears into bricks?  

How heartbreaking. Don’t ask me to explain why I hurt over a threatened teddy bear, or one abandoned in a thrift store. I just do. And I hurt for a real animal that is driven from it’s home by human encroachment.  And yes, I can still have room to hurt for those families too. Better too be too sensitive on these subjects than not sensitive enough.  I think our hearts are meant to be like Doctor Who's TARDIS: bigger on the inside than out.

So, visitors, what would you do with the teddy bears in a memorial? Any creative thoughts?

News on the Memorial

Two Teddies who have no fear of being turned into bricks. They get to pose for artwork.
Two Teddies who have no fear of being turned into bricks. They get to pose for artwork.