Spotlight on a Design: Isaiah Angel Bear.

It started with a couple of Bible verses (listed here in KJV):

Isaiah 6 :  The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
and 65 : The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.

The idea that nothing would hurt or destroy on God’s holy mountain was such a peaceful, appealing idea. It still is. I love animals, and apparently the whole predator and prey system will be changed on his mountain. As a member of a species that seems to be hurtful even to its own, I find it such a hopeful promise that someday, that even the animals won’t be like that. And if the animals won’t be, than maybe we won’t either.
No more bashing politicians. No more mocking over insignificant differences. No more fighting and killing over money, land, or race.
Right now, we must leave the wild animals wild or they will be killed, perhaps for poor reasons like sport, by accident like being in the wrong place and hit by a car or understandable reasons like food.
But some day, maybe we too, can cuddle up with that previously wild animal. The bears really will be teddy bears. The wolfs will be as friendly as dogs. A lion may be a bigger wilder but still gentle cat. And we can be friends, not enemies or competition for resources.

That’s my idea of heaven. Where lost loved ones are reunited and new friends of all species are made, and previous ills are just a nightmare that fades away in daylight.


Sad over Politics Teddy Bear

All the heartbreak and anguish of people suffering made me do it. All over the failure of political leaders. I do not blame either party. I, for one, blame parties in general. Both groups in deadlock, refusing to yield until the little people cry in pain. Party labels stick people in a box. The agenda must be this or that because of the label.

People don’t fit in a box. they live and breathe with their own hopes and dreams. Sometimes the dream is greed. Sometimes its misguided. Even people who want the best don’t agree.

I hate politics. To me, every political campaign is like listening to the worst behaved children yelling ‘he hit me’, ‘he broke my doll’, ‘he broke Mrs so and sos window, don’t trust him!’
This is our choice for leadership? It’s mind boggling. Its horrifying. And I don’t believe any of them at this point, even when they claim to have the same beliefs I do.

Speaking of same beliefs, I’ll admit freely I have doubts that the government even belongs in some areas. Where do they get off closing ‘public’ parks? Don’t those belong to ‘the public’? And for politicians not to take their messages is pure cowardice. They know people are upset. They just don’t want to hear it.

In reality things like health care and other issues should never have needed to go so far. The fact that something needs federal regulation means its broken on a lower level.

For instance on a somewhat less ‘hot’ note: The tennessee walker shows were so rife with corruption the feds stepped in.
Tennessee walking horses and the protection against ‘soring’ – a practice of putting painful chemicals on their legs to make them step higher in shows were so prevalent, it required federal intervention. How pathetic, that as many horse lovers as are out there, the horse industry couldn’t regulate itself. No, in spite of many chances, greed won out and the horses kept suffering.

Which means greed won on a lower level. But what happens when the greed has infiltrated so high up the feds themselves are involved? Then everyone suffers. Who is left to regulate?

So, I express my own discontent in my usual fashion: with my art. Not a new bear, but newly used with different background and text.

Teddy Tips: Teddy Abuse

Teddy Tips on Teddy Abuse

Okay, I’ll admit it. There is something that can make us easy going teddy bears mad.

We love being cuddled no matter how much you squash us, no matter how many times the kid drops us in the mud. We’ll forgive you leaving us on the park bench or the restaurant and rushing back all in a panic. We’ve forgive having pulled ears, losing an eye and all assorted injury that comes with being a teddy bear. And I, for one, adore reports of teddy’s bringing out the good in humans by encouraging them to seek out and find folks separated from their teddy bears. (Social Media Helps Teddy Return Home)

 But doing some things to a teddy bear that should be illegal – and is, in a way. 

One: smuggling nasty stuff inside us. Drugs and guns hurt people and we do not appreciate being carriers for the greed and violence involved.

Two: Using us as spy gadgets or bait for evil purpose. By that I mean anything other than as nanny cam bears, meant to protect the young.

It is our considered opinion….we, meaning all the teddies of this family….that there should be legal punishment for this. I know that the whole illegal gun/drug and invasion of privacy can be brought up on charges. But it is our belief that these people who would abuse a teddy in such a way that it causes the teddy to harm others should be legally restricted from owning or handling a teddy for a length of time.

 You heard me. NO cuddling for the creep. The only thing us teddies want is to cuddle and comfort people. The worst thing you can do is deny us and cause people to fear the teddy bear.  I sometimes dream of the teddies who will never know love, because they are now locked in an evidence warehouse somewhere due to the crime of a human. And there they shall likely stay unless destroyed.

It is very unfair. It’ s awful. And yes it’s really happening, saw it on the news feeds.

Girl finds gun in teddy bear Christmas gift.

Man arrested for carrying meth filled teddy bear.

Girl finds spy cam hidden in her teddy bears.

Repeated reports of drugs in teddy bears!

UGH. No teddy bear should  be associated with such things. It degrades the whole image of teddy bear. What child, so abused, can ever look at a teddy the same? What police officer will not expect to have to tear the poor, terrified teddy apart and find drugs? Our primary reason for being is love and comfort, not hidden evil secrets!

So stand with me in protest, teddies of the world! SAY NO to TEDDY BEAR ABUSE!

I Care Teddy Bear
I Care Teddy Bear ‘Sorry’ Greeting Card

Teddy Bear Observations on Valentine’s Day

 Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Welcome to our first Teddy Tips Blog, hopefully to be featured weekly.  I’ve been around awhile, so I’m going to give you tips on what I’ve observed with you humans that specifically relates to love and Valentine’s day.  My name is Vernon by the way.


Vernon Bear
Vernon Bear

1. First, Please do not take it out on the bear  if your boyfriend got you a teddy instead of a diamond or chocolates. You might want to seek counseling however on this desire to reject a teddy bear. A teddy will never abandon you, reject you, betray you or nitpick if you don’t  have it’s dinner ready. It also will last long after the chocolate is eaten and flowers wilt and very possibly long after the boyfriend is gone.

2. Please do not hurt others with your teddy bear. You’ve received a wonderful gift. Don’t be mean to those who got nothing. How would you feel if someone did that to you?

3. If you did not receive a teddy bear, I assure you there are many teddies out there longing for a home with you. They will be just as cuddly if you buy one for yourself. And you can pick out your favorite. Adoption fees are especially low right after the holidays.

4. Please remember a teddy bear given as a gift  should come without strings. Don’t let someone convince you to give up something you can never get back just because they gave you a bear, no matter how wonderful the bear. Wait for your forever love. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, that’s okay. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

5.  Teddy bears are about love. Loving someone means wanting them to be the best they can be.  If someone apologizes by giving you a bear, that may be sweet. But if they are apologizing for hurting you, consider if you are really doing the loving thing by taking them back. One time might be a fluke. Two times? Seek help. No-one using you for a punching bag is the best they can be. They have a bad habit and need help to break it. If they refuse counseling and advice of family and friends and keep hurting you, consider pressing charges, even if you have to run from them and hide. If you love them, do you want them imprisoned for murder? Bad temper and bad habits can lead to this even by accident. Better a small charge now and a warning from the police than a life sentence and your family losing you forever. Loving them doesn’t always mean obeying or staying with them. Sometimes it means letting go so they can learn to be better people.

Until next time, this is Vernon Bear, signing off.